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The company was founded around the early 2000s which was originally an individual company called UD. Magnum Computer. Along with the success and development of the business, the company has expanded. And change the name and its business license to CV Magnum Solution engaged in the field of Information Technology. Our business philosophy is to assure the highest quality product, work with enthusiasm to achieve total client satisfaction, responsible and work honestly.


Akte 23 april 2008 No.40 notaris Megawati Widiatmadja,SH ,
SIUP 298.15. 1/22-06/PK/X/2015
NPWP 02.788.174.7-907.000
SPPKP PEM-163/WPJ.17/KP.0703/2008
TDP 220634700399
ITU 530.08/227/SKP/BPPT/2013

Magnum Solusion Our Vision

Our Vision

To be a leading and trusted company in providing information & technology solutions.

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Our Mission

Applying the right technology to get the maximum return on your investment.

Provide effective solution.

Committed to developing our knowledge and performance in the field of information technology.

What we are best at

Our Services

Magnum Solusion MATV IPTV services
We prepare and design the distribution network from measuring the signal levels in amplifier input/s to the last stage is adjusting the set of channel amplifiers.
Magnum Solusion Alarm System services
Fire Alarm
We implement the proper and effective fire alarm system that keep your business safe from disaster.
Magnum Solusion Paging System services
Audio Paging System
From simple paging solutions for a single facility or zoned paging for a large hotel we plan it effectively.
Magnum Solusion Surveillance System services
Surveillance System
Surveillance plays a huge part in today’s society and business places, and that selecting the proper camera for the right application is vital.
Magnum Solusion IPPBX services
PBX system allows your business's phone lines to be connected so employees can easily communicate with each other.

From preparation to completion

Methods & Work Process

While we are loving technology, we love making it work best for your company.

Training & Development

To improve company performance, we always develop the ability of employees and teams by conducting training and briefings for efficiency and accuracy of workmanship in the field.

Customer Focus

By prioritizing the needs of consumers, we are open to consultation, listening and considering every important points needed by consumers. Next we find the right solution for each problem.

Planning & Design

This process is to ensuring that a new network or service meets the needs of the clients. The process can be tailored according to each project.


After the network architecture and design is ready, we inform all employees of the scope of implementation for each phase, along with dates and times. We do it with high integrity for the achievement of successful work.

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